Review – Ecid Pheromone Heavy


By Clara Tsac

Twin Cities rapper Ecid delivers a totally irreverent, post-hyphy album packed with existential wordplay in “Pheromone Heavy.” The tracks rest on a mix of EDM synth loops, creeping punk rock instrumentals, and the occasional dab of folksy guitar thrown in. Equal parts conceptual frustration and tumultuous humor, the album can be summarized as Ecid’s stoned stream-of-consciousness.

He opens with “Counterfeit Dreams,” which sets the “F**ck the world” tone. “No faith in predestined product placement/ I’m the Air Jordan of driving with my eyes closed during high speed chases/I got multiple revenue streams like a post-sex piss.” Ecid spits lyrical fire without taking himself too seriously, not afraid to crack jokes in the midst of an album filled with anti-establishment turmoil. One of the best tracks of the album is “Watch It Burn,” featuring Vonnie Kyle, where they both express family sentiments; we find out that Ecid’s mom sucks, and Vonnie Kyle’s Dad apparently doesn’t pay child support.

A bit too eager to distinguish himself from the masses of flannel-clad indie artists, he overcompensates with angsty metaphors that sometimes just seem to be thrown in there for the heck of it. Yet, the humor and total lack of respect for authority keeps you too amused to care that most of the album barely makes sense.

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