Review – Har di Har – We Are / They Are


By Becca Marx

“Freak pop” is what Har-di-Har call their sound. The married duo of Julie and Andrew Thoreen indeed have something unorthodox and modern on their 4 song EP We Are/They Are. An avant spin on pop/techno with a hint of exploratory Americana have resulted in an EP that is a stand out.

There is something quite organic and reminiscent of traditional folk in the vocal stylings and melodies that they have created in the studio. Onstage they are tight and powerful. Julie, a tall Jean Sebring look alike is fierce with the hand set of the drums while Andrew is down with the foot pedals. Her voice is staccato at times, but suggestive of Sharon Van Etten on the track ‘To Break the Fall’ possessing both a delicate and sweeping high register. Guitar duties are shared, and techno loops thread through making for a cohesive release. ‘We Scare Each Other’ is alive with a cacophony of chirpy beats, looped horns, and the white noise of conversation beneath it all.

The dirge-like and ominous refrain of “we’re standing in our way” on ‘Just Like He Told Us’ couldn’t elicit a more emphatic denial, instead it appears they are making their way. A way perhaps unpaved by others, it will be intriguing to see where they fall into place in the all too secular music scene.

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