Review – The Blue Cities (Joey Flip & Aurora) – Release


By Clara Tsac

Minnesota band “The Blue Cities” deliver a work of soulful vocals and skillful guitar lines in new musical work “Release.” Lead vocalist Aurora Wahlstrom and guitarist Joe Filipovich team up to complement each other on every track, serving a range of styles.

Joe Filipovich’s mastery of the guitar is tributed all throughout the work, from funky electric slides to soft acoustic strumming. Whether live on stage or in the studio, “The Blue Cities” is a team to pay attention to.

“Release” opens on Aurora’s voice in a Spanish serenade as it wavers through the romantic sounds of a Spanish night. “Esta Noche” shimmies its way through softly dramatic guitar riffs and gentle percussion, which changes dramatically in the next track, “I Can Tell.” Funk and blues now come more into play, giving a bit of an Elvis meets James Brown old-school vibe.

“Not For Me” turns into Jazzy, lighthearted indie, then it’s an instrumental track of Joe’s guitar and trippy chimes in “Rain.” The work as a whole shifts easily between a variety of genres, and ends on the big-band sounding “This Little Thing,” as Aurora’s voice soars through heartrendingly raw notes.

A collection of songs for rainy nights and sunny days, “Release” is exemplary of what happens when two talented, passionate musicians get together and just enjoy their music.


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