Review – Alex Crankshaft Larson’s rocking CD release at Famous Dave’s

alex crankshaft

By Ann Treacy

Famous Dave’s was pushing capacity limits Friday night for Alex Crankshaft Larson’s CD release party. The band is rocking and fun. The sort of band that gets people on the dancefloor  – lots of people, some of whom look like they might be more accustomed to being on a Harley than tripping the light. It’s a party atmosphere, a very welcoming party.
The music is Bluesy, Rockabilly, a little redneck and proud, super-fast and well, fun. To give a flavor of the music, they did an amazing version of The Clash’s Brand New Cadillac; my favorite song by The Clash and one that I think gets to their early roots. Crankshaft’s music hails from the same roots.

I Can’t Take It, off the new album is a working class anthem. The beat is hard driving. Larson’s voice has a growly defiance. His guitar sets the pace, but the drums and upright bass keep up and round out the sound. If I Can’t Take It sounds like a Monday morning, Any Other Way is a Saturday night. It’s the same driving beat, same working class appeal, but it’s the celebration of the end of the week. And rejoicing that they can’t take this away from you. It’s the kind of music that makes you enjoy hating your boss a little, even if you work for yourself.

They are playing a number of shows in the Twin Cities over the holidays. It’s a good opportunity to dance of a few sugar plums!

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