Review – Ready to Fall – Karah


Desney Cody

The sixteen year old Minnesota native is taking the Twin Cities music scene by storm. Karah released her debut album just this past September; Ready to Fall. A 14 track album that is has a mix of topics and even genres. Karah is inspired by many artists, anything from country to R&B. The album spans from topics of finding and being yourself, falling in love for the first time, missing someone, and etc.. If it’s not her original voice that sparks an interest, it is how relatable and vulnerable Karah is that will make people want to continue to listen.

The strongest aspect of the album is that Karah, even though is 16 years old, is very mature when it comes to the topics that are presented on the album. It’s very universal, and the listener wouldn’t think she was a teenager without knowing it prior.

Ready to Fall is a big variety of genres as well, but it flows very well. Having songs with influences of very different genres is not something that is easily done, and that most can pull off. But Karah is able to execute it just fine–she is not pushed into one corner or another within any said genre. Karah can take bits and pieces from any part of the spectrum and make it her own.

The first single off the album “I Am” is about just being your unapologetic-self and doing what’s in your power to get what you want. With the big country and pop influence through the track, it’s very catchy and upbeat. The pick-me-up song that everyone needs to jam to at least once. “Ready to Fall,” the third track on the album, has a very strong pop influence with a little R&B. It is about finally giving someone your all and being ready to fall in love.