Review – HEYDAY 35 Years Of Music In Minneapolis – The Photography of Daniel Corrigan

Rebecca Marx

A book as special as its subject. HEYDAY is not only a historical documentation of thirty odd years of the magical Minneapolis music scene, but a love letter to it as well. Daniel Corrigan stirs up a wellspring of memories with his collection of photos that spotlight well-known artists like Prince and Soul Asylum, while highlighting some of the more obscure talent that has graced our City’s many stages.

Corrigan’s photos speak for themselves, but the text by Danny Sigelman brings the story behind the shots to life. The account of how Corrigan shot the covers for Husker Du’s Candy Apple Grey and Warehouse: Songs and Stories is an interesting journey into the collaborative and experimental side of his work, while candid shots like that of Willie Wisely crossing the street, or The Gear Daddies eating pizza at Leaning Tower remind me what it was like when I was a tween looking up to all of the older, cooler musicians that saturated the streets of Minneapolis in the 1980’s and ’90’s.

The photos don’t just offer up the past for reminiscing though, there are numerous shots of contemporary artists that fill the pages to overflowing. For all of the gorgeous photos in the book, I think the real beauty behind Corrigan’s work is the trust that enabled them to happen.

HEYDAY is the story of Minneapolis as a living breathing musical city, a city that can continue its very special legacy if we support our artists and venues by attending shows, buying music locally, and by filling the musician’s coffers directly by buying their merch. Support local!