Review – Maria and the Coins – Wide-Eyed and Restless EP

Emma Andrews

Maria and the Coins self proclaimed mini-album” EP–Wide-Eyed and Restless, which consists of three singles, debuted November 5th, 2016. This EP, although short, gets to the point with what they are trying to convey and have their image hold up to, and they do it gracefully and with ease.

Danceable pop, with what can be said as lacking in original sentiment, but sweet nonetheless, grace Wide-Eyed and Restless, and bring you to the place where you first fell in, and out, of love. The EP seems to lack any profound meaning within the lyrics, aside from easy graces and simple sentiments, Maria Coynes vocals are strong, ultimately graceful, and blissfully airy, even comforting.

While with the track “Mr. Opportunity” these graceful vocals fall out of touch with what the song is truly about, it doesnt stop you from listening along without hesitation and relating to the story being told.

Though perhaps not original in intention, Wide-Eyed and Restless stands truthful and relatable, and gives no pains or sorrows upon listening. Im looking forward to see what else Maria and the Coins will come out with in future endeavors, and wont mind tapping my toes to a melodic tune.

Wide-Eyed and Restless available at:

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