Video – Kielo – In Water

100 Days of Local Music – Day 37
Kielo – In Water

“In Water” is the first single from Kielo, a Minnesota-based singer/songwriter who blends traditional folk with electronic flourishes to create beautiful yet devastating soundscapes of echoing vocal harmonies and reverb-drenched guitars, centered by her stunning vocals.

About “In Water”, Kielo states: “My grandfather is a Lutheran preacher. I remember the first time I understood that this meant that Grandpa sounded, behaved, and even looked different in front of a congregation than he did with his family at the dinner table. ‘In Water’ is a song about identity construction. It’s about the way that we create, destruct, and recreate ourselves from minute to minute to fit our environment.”

Kielo is the solo project of Laura Schultz, vocalist/guitarist for Good Night Gold Dust. The single was produced by Zach Arney and mastered by Huntley Miller. The video was filmed and edited by Colin Scharf, with art direction from Katie O’Connor. Kielo’s solo EP is forthcoming February 2017.