Event Review – Maha’s Local Music Showcase #2 – Maharaja’s 3/18/17

By Emma Andrews

On Saturday, March 18th in honor of his late daughter, Maharaja’s hosted an event featuring local musicians and artists, his hope is to continue this tradition of showcasing artists, music and otherwise for his daughter who hosted the event at the West 7th Maharajas location.

The space was dedicated half to the store and half to the event itself, patrons danced, laughed and furthered the idea that this was a safe, comfortable, lively and home-like atmosphere for local Twin Cities kids from all walks of life. Music was pumping, light shows were bouncing off the back wall, all too enticing if you were to ask this individual writer, and the artists were welcomed to talk about their craft, future plans, and how they feel about this small tight-knit community, where any and all are welcome.

It is in the works to turn the West 7th location into a venue of sorts, in order to continue this tradition of live music. A space for local artists to showcase and sell their work, and a place where the community, young and old can come together–well suited for getting to know your neighbor, make a friend or 3, and feel at home in a place that you may or may not always have had your heart.

The Twin Cities is being put on the map for its growing and thriving arts community, and Maharaja’s is one of many places that will contribute to this growing scene for lovers of the arts. I welcome any and all to check out the next event, details posted on their Facebook page, and buzzing around the community.