Review – City Sounds EP – Warning Shapes

By Desney Cody

For those who love rock music, but find that today’s rock climate is just not satisfying their needs–if it all just all sounds the same, it’s not what it used to be or you just can’t vibe with it, then Warning Shapes’ new EP: City Sounds is for you.

Today, we don’t really have a good median for the rock genres; there are so many sub-genres and it is ever changing from band to band or song to song. But Warning Shapes brings back that rock from the ‘90s that is so ever missed. Their City Sounds five track EP has everything that one would find in a typical rock album; it has angst, love and hate ballad(s), raw vocals, Nirvana-esque chord progressions, and songs that you could cry to and songs that you can head bang to.

The three guys that form Warning Shapes, created this band and album, all somewhat on the fly, which is how everything great comes about, right? Alex Meronek (Drums), Franklin Gappa (Guitar/Vox) and Jesse Daniels (Bass/Vox/Violin) are from Wisconsin and ended up in Minneapolis while they were following their dreams of becoming musicians. Meronek is the root of the band, having introducing Gappa and Daniels. Come to find, that all three work together really well. With influences of David Bowie, Green Day, Wilco, and many more… they have a very different sound.

City Sounds is a mixture of punk, indie, and a classic rock styles, but they are still able to establish their own sound. Local and underground bands get somewhat of a bad rap because rock music is that genre that almost everybody likes, so it’s hard to break through with with a new sound, look, or whatever that truly makes the artist stick out, and make worth giving a listen to. And so many people are influenced by rock music, that it’s hard to not copy, whether the artist is trying to do that or not. But Warning Shapes is the one of the few that can make it out and break that glass ceiling of original rock music.