Review – Dark Impulse EP – Drunken Mau

By Ann Treacy, Photo Credit Laurie Ingram

Dark Impulse is the debut EP for Drunken Mau (Michael Duren), a Minnesota native. It’s ambient techno synth. It’s the kind of music that wears just as well after midnight when the party is grooving as it does the morning after.

The EP starts with the gentle washing waves of “I’m Not Here”, that builds into a song that eases into center stage. There’s a clear and consistent beat around which the swirls of groove dance. “We Dream” is a darker piece, a louder piece with more vocals – not harsh, but harsher. The song enters the room and stays.

The music isn’t psychedelic; it’s more modern with undercurrents of retro but it’s cleaner, sharper, not a fuzzy or floral. There’s a hint of staccato that push the songs into their own story.

“Dark Impulse” (Movements 1 and 2) have a depth and width that fill the room. For lack of a better term – the songs have movement. The music bounces off the four corners of the room creating a sense of being centered and lost at the same time. Great for late night party dancing.