Review – All Natural Disaster – Pelicant

Rebecca Marx

Local band Pelicant released their record All Natural Disaster last year, and celebrated its release at the Minneapolis Eagles #34 Club this last weekend. The band never fails to display a tongue in cheek humor about their album, proclaiming that it was “25 million years in the making”, and referring to their release show in heady terms, calling it the:  “the Facebook event of the year.” Pelicant even posted an ultrasound photo proclaiming the conception of their album, but no matter, Pelicant hits the right notes with their blend of progressive pop orchestral music that is laden with jaunty keyboard and flourishes of synth that at times betrays the album’s rather dark and jaded take on relationships. Overall, the music of Pelicant founder’s Nicholas Christopulos, Samuel Wilbur, David the drummer and Al on bass harkens back to the era when XTC ruled the airwaves, particularly on their song “Hold Me Under”. Give All Natural Disaster a listen, and see if you agree that “Insane” is the best track: