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Review – MR DR – Summer in the Backseat EP


By Rebecca Marx, Photo Credit Stephanie Marie Victoria Braun

I can be a real sucker for a good ole bit of country and western rock, especially if it comes with that perfect male and female vocal blend that lingers, and alights together in all the right places. MR DR nails that on every “drunken love and sobering truth” track of their debut EP Summer in the Backseat. Continue reading

Video/Single – 26 BATS! – Touch Mai Face

Check out the official video for the new single “Touch Mai Face” by 26 BATS! by videographer Michaela Stein starring Destiny Anderson. The video tells the tale of a grieving partner who desperately longs to touch her lost love. Said partner is symbolized by a languid bed sheet in this story of loss tied up in desire, helplessness and codependence.

Listen to the single here off of 26 BATS! upcoming debut album Cave Cuts that will be released 4/25/17 at Icehouse:


Review – All Natural Disaster – Pelicant

Rebecca Marx

Local band Pelicant released their record All Natural Disaster last year, and celebrated its release at the Minneapolis Eagles #34 Club this last weekend. The band never fails to display a tongue in cheek humor about their album, proclaiming that it was “25 million years in the making”, and referring to their release show in heady terms, calling it the:  “the Facebook event of the year.” Continue reading

Review – Dark Impulse EP – Drunken Mau

By Ann Treacy, Photo Credit Laurie Ingram

Dark Impulse is the debut EP for Drunken Mau (Michael Duren), a Minnesota native. It’s ambient techno synth. It’s the kind of music that wears just as well after midnight when the party is grooving as it does the morning after. Continue reading

Listen – Long Line of Fools – Leslie Rich & The Rocket Soul Choir

By Rebecca Marx, Photo Credit Crystal Leipa

Do you hear the name Leslie Rich and find yourself recalling the local Celtic band Hounds of Finn? Me too, but actually Rich has been doing something quite different for a while now with his band Leslie Rich & The Rocket Soul Choir. The band, who in addition to Leslie Rich are Jason Wahl (bass/vocals) and Pete Boulger (drums/percussion) have helped the singer songwriter to shed some of his Irish born roots to embrace a more rock Americana vibe. In fact, the stand out song “Long Line of Fools” from the band’s EP Kidder’s Son may be Minnesota’s answer to the sultry alt Americana rock sounds of Chris Isaak. Don’t take my word for it though, check it out:
Look for Kidder’s Son vinyl to be released on April 22nd, which will be quite a special day to mark on your calendar as it is Record Store Day!

Leslie Rich & The Rocket Soul Choir Kidder’s Son Vinyl Release Show: The Acadia 4/22

Review – City Sounds EP – Warning Shapes

By Desney Cody

For those who love rock music, but find that today’s rock climate is just not satisfying their needs–if it all just all sounds the same, it’s not what it used to be or you just can’t vibe with it, then Warning Shapes’ new EP: City Sounds is for you.

Continue reading

Article – To Fathom Lane’s Michael Ferrier, Inspiration Comes Full Circle

Photo Credit Sara Montour

In the last year, it has become chillingly obvious with the loss of David Bowie, Prince, and most recently Chuck Berry, that our heroes don’t live forever. Blessed are we that their music does live on, and while we mourn their passing we have to celebrate those among us that carry on that legacy, inspiring us with their music and enriching our lives.

For every great musician, there is one that came before them as a sort of catalyst that helped to ignite the whole music making fire. One local musician who is unafraid to enthuse about the talents of those who have inspired him on his musical journey is Michael Ferrier of Fathom Lane. Continue reading

Event Review – Maha’s Local Music Showcase #2 – Maharaja’s 3/18/17

By Emma Andrews

On Saturday, March 18th in honor of his late daughter, Maharaja’s hosted an event featuring local musicians and artists, his hope is to continue this tradition of showcasing artists, music and otherwise for his daughter who hosted the event at the West 7th Maharajas location. Continue reading

Interview – Nick Leet – Pasadena ’68 & Dakota Shakedown


By Rebecca Marx, Photo Credit Karyn Hjelden

Sometimes a social media post is so thought provoking, or utterly honest that it sticks with you and doesn’t let go. That was my reaction when I read a Facebook post last year by local musician Nick Leet of Dakota Shakedown and Pasadena ’68. I even messaged him about it. I won’t share the original post to protect the innocent, but it stripped down WHY he will continue to make music even when it seems like the odds are all stacked against it. Even in an era when an artist as successful as Mason Jennings is questioning its feasibility. Continue reading

Live Review – The Lowest Pair – The Dakota Jazz Club 3/2/17

By Rebecca Marx, Photo Credit Joseph Daniel Robert O’Leary

The Lowest Pair are underrated stars in the “Old Timey” Bluegrass music genre, though they seem humbled by the knowledge that they have successfully earned that moniker. Their sound is authentically backwoods Americana Roots with a modern twist, as though you could as easily stream their music right now as revisit them in a past life, or find them in Alan Lomax’s massive archive of folk music. Continue reading