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Article – To Fathom Lane’s Michael Ferrier, Inspiration Comes Full Circle

Photo Credit Sara Montour

In the last year, it has become chillingly obvious with the loss of David Bowie, Prince, and most recently Chuck Berry, that our heroes don’t live forever. Blessed are we that their music does live on, and while we mourn their passing we have to celebrate those among us that carry on that legacy, inspiring us with their music and enriching our lives.

For every great musician, there is one that came before them as a sort of catalyst that helped to ignite the whole music making fire. One local musician who is unafraid to enthuse about the talents of those who have inspired him on his musical journey is Michael Ferrier of Fathom Lane. Continue reading

Review – B.O.Y.F. – White Boyfriend


By Clara Tsac

“Before Others, Yourself Forever!” mixes a bit of insanity with bittersweet heartbreak and queer empowerment in White Boyfriend. The Minneapolis-based trio gently brushes political messages over whimsical harmonies and interesting basslines, told in tales of Minotaurs and long nights. White Boyfriend is a soundtrack for ambiguous-smelling thrift stores, and delivers as many loopy refrains and vibe-out synth chords as any Lyndale Avenue dweller could want. Continue reading