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Review – Mother Banjo & Ben Cook-Feltz – Christmas Came Early EP

By Brandon Henry Photo Credit Jessica Hackner

Mother Banjo and Ben Cook-Feltz’s EP Christmas Came Early is a soul-healing collection of songs that put you in the spirit of the season. Outshining bigger-budget affairs, the EP strays from the standards and dives deep into the holiday cannon with four songs that span a wide array of Continue reading

Rift 36 Hour Songwriting Contest

Next Wednesday, the songwriters get a prompt and have just about 36 hours to write a song and have it ready to perform on Friday night.

Nigel Egg will be hosting/performing and these fine songwriters will be performing as well.

Joe Fahey, Brad Senne, Brianna Lane, Niki Becker, Dan Hylton, Simon Husbands, Ryan Rud, Greg Neis, Mother Banjo and Ben Cook-Feltz

It’s Free with a suggested donation of $5-$20.

There is a possibility it could sell out, so buy your tickets in advance if you can.

Article – DEMO turns up the volume for Minnesota musicians from the quietest place on Earth


By Ann Treacy

There’s a lot of great music in the Twin Cities. There are a lot of great places to see local music. But how to raise the voices of local music beyond the local stage? DEMO is doing that with the Naked Songwriter, a video series starring emerging Minnesota musicians airing on YouTube and MTN.

Each video features an artist or group playing the music they want to play with just enough introduction to up the intimacy to a comfortable warmth. Taping for the shows recently moved from a coffee shop to Orfield Labs, dubbed the quietest place on Earth by the Guinness World Records in 2005 and 2103 because of their anechoic chamber. Orfield was formerly Studio 80, the birthplace of Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks and Lipps Inc’s Funkytown. Continue reading

“Left-Handed Indie Pop” Talk With Ben Cook-Feltz


Photo Credit Elli Rader

By Rebecca Marx

Ben Cook-Feltz is a big part of the music scene in Minneapolis, a grinning face from the stage, but what do we really know about the oft hat-wearing, Cedar Falls, IA native? On the cusp of the release of Cook-Feltz’s record: She Doesn’t Believe Me, I wanted to learn more about the inner clockwork of the very visible musician. Jillian Rae and Doug Otto & The Getaways will join Ben Cook Feltz for the Record Release show at the 331 Club 10/23. Continue reading

Interview – BPZMAG of Doc’s Kids

photo from Doc’s Kids Website

By Rebecca Marx

Have you ever craved the sort of music that leaves you feeling light, and amused? Felt a yearning for music that combines good hooks, catchy riffs and intelligent humor? I don’t mean humor like Weird Al Yankovik, more like They Might Be Giants with trombone, and hip hop elements thrown in.

Meet BPZMAG of the Duo: “Doc’s Kids”. Longtime friends BPZMAG and j.bell formed the band nearly two decades ago. In 2014, the duo released “Songs You Sing In The Shower”, a charming, poppy, hip hop influenced CD that got some attention. A little while back, I sat down with BPZMAG to talk music. Continue reading

BenFest 2015 (Ben Kyle, Ben Lubeck, Ben Cook-Feltz, Ben Miller, Ben Tucker)

One night. Five Bens. Join local songwriters Ben Kyle (Romantica), Ben Lubeck (Farewell Milwaukee), Ben Cook-Feltz, Ben Miller (The Federales) and Ben Tucker as they share songs and stories, together on one stage, for no other reason than they enjoy each other’s company and they’re all named Ben. All songs performed that night, be they originals or covers, will hail from the pen of a Ben. There are a surprising number of Bens in the Twin Cities music scene, and it’s about time five of them gathered together to prove it. The first Thursday in March, for one night only, we can all become honorary Bens too.