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Interview – The Gated Community’s Sumanth Gopinath

A year or two ago, I received a package at the coffee shop I co-own with my family that included a CD and some press information. It was from someone named Sumanth Gopinath, and the cover art was vague so I wasn’t sure of the style of music. Continue reading

Live Review – The Paper Days CD Release with The Heavy Set at Icehouse


By Ann Treacy

It’s hard not to like a band that’s had a beer named after them. While Paper Days’ music stands on its own, a beer connection is never a bad thing. Day Block Brewing named an American Pale Ale after Paper Days last fall. An American Pale Ale is a good fit for a young, modern folk band. They started with six on stage, ended with ten and seemed to have at least two instruments for everyone. It was like a big melting pot with plenty of room for more hops. Continue reading

Live Review – The Last Revel at Icehouse


Photo from The Last Revel Facebook Page

By Ann Treacy

The Last Revel finds themselves weathering the perfect musical storm for their sound. Back in the day there wasn’t much room for a folksy bluegrass band on stage in Minneapolis on a Saturday night – no matter how rocking they were. The Last Revel is preceded by a wave of  Trampled by Turtles, Pert Near Sandstone and other Minnesota bands who plowed the way for mainstream acceptance for what some of us have always loved. Continue reading

Review – The Thirsty River – The St. Croix Sessions


By Evan Verploegh

Newcomers to the local bluegrass scene, The Thirsty River have already been making waves in a genre that has some stiff competition. Only a couple years into their musical journey, the band has already created a very enjoyable, bright and bouncing E.P. In the April release The St. Croix Sessions gives you an inside look to a hardworking, and highly competent group of musicians and manages to stand out against a multitude of impressive americana and bluegrass records. Continue reading

Review – The Gated Community – We Can Do Anything


By Courtney Schultz

Bluegrass music pockets a way of filling you up from your core and working itself through your entire being. Stir it up with the perfect concoction of sunlight-warmed skin and grass-cushioned feet, and it will lift you off the ground and move you; your soul being summoned to enter the physical world, or perhaps it’s your body entering the spiritual world. Continue reading

Review – The Last Revel – The Last Revel


By Evan Verploegh

Let’s be honest here: Bluegrass bands are a dime a dozen these days. It takes a true uniqueness and distinction to set yourselves apart from the large pack of bluegrass and americana musicians we see today. What has come in the current revival of bluegrass, folk and americana is an incredible amount of friendly competition that challenges bands to excel in musicianship and develop a notable sound that can be quickly identified. Minneapolis’ own The Last Revel has successfully honed in on a sound that does just that. Continue reading