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Interview – Ike Reilly – Thankful in Minneapolis


Rebecca Marx, Photo Credit Crackerfarm Photography

For over a decade The Ike Reilly Assassination has been making a pre-Thanksgiving stop right here in the Twin Cities. This year is no different as The Ike Reilly Assassination will be putting on a show like no other in First Avenue’s Mainroom the night before the holiday. I called up Ike Reilly to chat about the show, Bob Dylan, and a host of other timely topics, including a few questions about his wonderfully “rabid” fans and what he may, or may not owe them. Continue reading

Video Exclusive – Dan Israel – Lonely Too

Dan Israel keeps chugging along, this video “Lonely Too” is a song on his 13th studio album which is called Dan. Steve Cohen, a well known local photographer/videographer who shot and edited the video said this song reminded him of The Traveling Wilburys and that is immediately what I thought of when watching the video. Continue reading