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Interview – j.Bell of j.Bell & the Lazy Susan Band – “Genre Resistant Rock”


Rebecca Marx. Photo/Video Credit Jason Narverud

j.Bell & the Lazy Susan Band are a large band with a BIG sound. On the cusp of releasing their fifth record Underneath a Minnesota Moon, they have decided to throw away all labels. In essence they would like to be known for their brand of “Genre Resistant Rock”. Continue reading

Interview – BPZMAG of Doc’s Kids

photo from Doc’s Kids Website

By Rebecca Marx

Have you ever craved the sort of music that leaves you feeling light, and amused? Felt a yearning for music that combines good hooks, catchy riffs and intelligent humor? I don’t mean humor like Weird Al Yankovik, more like They Might Be Giants with trombone, and hip hop elements thrown in.

Meet BPZMAG of the Duo: “Doc’s Kids”. Longtime friends BPZMAG and j.bell formed the band nearly two decades ago. In 2014, the duo released “Songs You Sing In The Shower”, a charming, poppy, hip hop influenced CD that got some attention. A little while back, I sat down with BPZMAG to talk music. Continue reading