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Review – Tru – Gutter Couture


By Clara Tsac

In his second project, “Gutter Couture,” Minneapolis producer Tru layers diverse musical elements into a couture-level confection for the ears. The EP starts off in “One by One” with a screeching refrain, over heavy bass drops that slide into a tribal drumline. A more EDM aesthetic is demonstrated in “Renaissance Society,” where record scratches and synth echoes intertwine with the warped orchestral chorus. Continue reading

Review – Ecid Pheromone Heavy


By Clara Tsac

Twin Cities rapper Ecid delivers a totally irreverent, post-hyphy album packed with existential wordplay in “Pheromone Heavy.” The tracks rest on a mix of EDM synth loops, creeping punk rock instrumentals, and the occasional dab of folksy guitar thrown in. Equal parts conceptual frustration and tumultuous humor, the album can be summarized as Ecid’s stoned stream-of-consciousness. Continue reading