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Interview – Ike Reilly – Thankful in Minneapolis


Rebecca Marx, Photo Credit Crackerfarm Photography

For over a decade The Ike Reilly Assassination has been making a pre-Thanksgiving stop right here in the Twin Cities. This year is no different as The Ike Reilly Assassination will be putting on a show like no other in First Avenue’s Mainroom the night before the holiday. I called up Ike Reilly to chat about the show, Bob Dylan, and a host of other timely topics, including a few questions about his wonderfully “rabid” fans and what he may, or may not owe them. Continue reading

Mrs. “City” Album Release

Mrs. has completed a new album called “City”. They will be playing the pre-bash-15/The Color of Noise screening Party at Grumpy’s Bar & Grill on Friday July 10th with Seawhores and Shadows in the Cracks (mbrs of The Blind Shake) and have decided to squeeze out our new album for free on the internet on this day for the occasion!