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Review – Al Church – Next Summer


By Kelsey Simpkins

Walking into the Amsterdam Bar & Hall a few weeks ago, I was convinced that either I had ended up at the wrong venue, someone had forgotten to tell me it was 70’s night, or they had slipped me some real nice drugs. But in reality, none of those things were true; it was just Al Church on stage, performing songs from his latest release, Next Summer. Continue reading

Review – The Blue Cities (Joey Flip & Aurora) – Release


By Clara Tsac

Minnesota band “The Blue Cities” deliver a work of soulful vocals and skillful guitar lines in new musical work “Release.” Lead vocalist Aurora Wahlstrom and guitarist Joe Filipovich team up to complement each other on every track, serving a range of styles. Continue reading

Review – Dumpy Jug Bumpers – Dumpin’ At The Savoy


By Samuel Wigness

There are few instances in music when the ceramic XXX moonshine jug has been used to great effect. It seemed to disappear after Mungo Jerry’s use in the 1970 hit “Summertime,” perhaps returning to the porch from whence it came. Continue reading

Review – Loons in the Attic – EP


By Evan Verploegh

Loons in the Attic is a Minneapolis based rock band that lends their eclectic sound to a variety of sources including spacey jazz, hard rock and even dashes of experimental electronic. The inticing product comes to full fruition in their self titled EP. Continue reading

Review – PHO – Cash It


By James Fitzgerald

It was said a few years back that “Rock and Roll is alive, and it lives in Minneapolis”. The same can be said of funk in today’s City of Lakes, as the tradition of The Time and Prince continues with, among others, PHO. Not many cities in the Midwest can boast of having such a productive funk scene, but no other city can boast of the Purple Yoda and that dynamite ‘Minneapolis Sound’ as part of its history. Continue reading