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Review – Teenage Moods – Rosebud


By: Ryan Meaney

It’s been a few years since I was a teenager, but the feelings and philosophies one holds in their adolescent years are difficult to forget; feelings of longing and lust, basking in one’s joy of simply being alive and keeping the fire of youth and positivity burning for as long as possible. What makes Teenage Moods so important is their ability to evoke these feelings in the purest and authentic way without ever coming off as corny or tongue-in-cheek.  Their Select Buds 12,” a collection of five tracks from their previously released “Rosebuds” cassette, provides listeners with a perfect guide to what catchy punk and garage music is supposed to sound like. Continue reading

Review – Chruth Fabian, Darkwolf and Scarlett – Chrust Chruth


When it comes to local music you never really know what you’re going to get. Chruth Fabian, Darkwolf and Scarlett are musicians creating music in the middle southern city of Rochester, MN.   Continue reading