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Review – Dusty Heart at the Turf Club, 12/3

Photo By Natalie Champa Jennings

by Derek Lynch

To warm up the crowd on a freezing Thursday night at the Turf Club in St. Paul, Joe Pug invited local super-duo Dusty Heart to play a set consisting of covers, originals, and pure Americana soul. Minnesota folk heroes Molly Dean and Barbara Jean quietly and confidently took the stage without introduction, plugged in, and tuned before the crowd realized anything was happening. Within seconds of their opener, “the River,” the audience was taken on a trip to Appalachia and the far North where music happens in circles around a jug of whiskey with family and close friends. The original song was reminiscent of the storytellers that define Americana music-I couldn’t help but be reminded of Gillian Welch’s light, rhythmic guitar and Alison Krauss’s ethereal voice. Continue reading

Review – Moon and Pollution – The Box Borealis


By Derek Lynch

Moon and Pollution is the name given to synth-laden, beautifully haunting duo of singer Molly Dean and producer Graham O’Brien. The combo had barely formed last year when Atmosphere’s Slug asked them to perform at the Bayfront Festival. Their debut LP, The Box Borealis, was released on January 27th and has already been generating some much-deserved praise for its ethereal vocal layers and hypnotic, pulsing rhythm. Continue reading