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Review – MR DR – Summer in the Backseat EP


By Rebecca Marx, Photo Credit Stephanie Marie Victoria Braun

I can be a real sucker for a good ole bit of country and western rock, especially if it comes with that perfect male and female vocal blend that lingers, and alights together in all the right places. MR DR nails that on every “drunken love and sobering truth” track of their debut EPĀ Summer in the Backseat. Continue reading

Sianet Radio – the Wait, What? Festival – 3 Venues

Sianetradio.com presents the Wait, What? Festival…one night, three venues, 11 bands….at the Nomad World Pub (Minneapolis), Palmer’s Bar, Acadia Cafe

God Came From Space
The Drug Budget
Mary Allen and the Percolators
The High Crimes

Acadia Cafe
Little ManBattlefish
Devata Daun

Palmer’s Bar
Turn Back Now
music at 9:30pm