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Review – Jacob Pavek – Illume


By Kelsey Simpkins

The masters aren’t all dead. And if you’re a fan of Amélie, you’re in luck. Jacob Pavek has composed the next soundtrack of the decade, or rather, one of the best modern classical albums on this side of the globe. A small genre, to be sure, but no less of one. Amidst a scene, and a nation, bursting at the seams with every variation on indie rock, Pavek explores the wordless side of a contemporary LP. Continue reading

Review/Article – Taj Raj – Night Speech


by Kelsey Simpkins

“Hey there,” Ben Burwell and company gladly hail the unknown ear, “…How long has your entire been cold and tired? Give me your hand, we’re gonna find you fire.” This warm welcome greets the listener on “Your Thief,” the first track off of Taj Raj’s latest, Night Speech, and continues for a strong seven minutes. It’s the first of many compositions on this release that pass the five minute mark, leaving the ear well sated. So like the dedication of time lent to the creation of this release, required in return is an investment on part of the listener: to take an hour of the day to press play and let be. Continue reading

Review – Jonathan Rundman – Look Up


By Clara Tsac

Jonathan Rundman’s latest release, Look Up, is a bright piece of indie pop for blue days. With an 80’s big-band music feel, the album draws diverse inspiration from vintage rock, folk music, and Rundman’s own voyeurs into Scandinavia.  Throughout the work, there’s an omniscient storytelling quality that brushes each song with an ethereal feel. Perhaps this is because Rundman serves each message with a side of humor. From the darker material like “Painter,” to feel-good songs like “Flying On A Plane,” he avoids the trap of taking himself too seriously, a pitfall of much indie music. Continue reading