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Review – Chokecherry – The Future Was a Long Time Ago


By Clara Tsac

Minneapolis-based band Chokecherry puts a fresh spin on your favorite country records in the paradoxically titled The Future Was a Long Time Ago. Folksy, whimsical, sometimes self-deprecating, Chokecherry is a band that makes feel-good music without taking themselves too seriously. Most of the songs intertwine loosely harmonized choruses and mournful blues singing over a mix of country and punk. Continue reading

Review – Tree Blood – I Am a Disgusting Pig


By Kaleb Bronson

Thrashing through the unblemished gates, Tree Blood is alive and proof that punk/noise rock is alive and well. This three piece made up of debauchery-soaked men is sure to add the needed hot spice to the Minneapolis music scene with I Am a Disgusting Pig. Continue reading

Review – Omen – Bad


By Clara Tsac

Twin Cities artist Omen packs a heavy metal punch in new album Bad A fusion of hip-hop and rock, Omen spits smooth existentialist bravado over distorted guitar lines and punk drums. Produced by DJ Name and Wesley Opus with additional backup vocals by Wesley Opus, the instrumentation leans towards the Midwestern punk-rap sensibility of Doomtree.  It’s difficult to say whether the album is a rap album steeped in metal, or a heavy metal album with no singing. Continue reading

Review – United Teachers of Music – Annihilation ’77


By Rich Horton

I did the writer thing on this review where I typed my opening sentence almost ten times and then deleted it and started over. It was the equivalent of pulling ten pieces of paper out of the typewriter and throwing them in the garbage. Continue reading

InIrie – Three mice and a blind cat – Band Profile


By Eddie Chisham

Profiling InIrie – a three-piece band from St. Paul

Aaron Ohnsorg was late enough to practice that if it were a job interview he wouldn’t be considered, but if it were a party – it was perfect timing. Greg Siganos and Erik Christianson were eager, yet not quite foaming at the mouth when he arrived, but they were excited enough to turn their usual slow strolls into bolting up the stairs. Continue reading