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Listen – Resist! Resist! Summer Mix – BNLX

Do you feel like you don’t have a voice? Would you like to move forward and shed the politics of day and go your own way? You should check out the new summer mix of “Resist! Resist!” by BNLX. The epic protest song has an ever growing cast of voices including Mark Mallman, John Mallman, Ciaran Daly, Tommy Rehbein, Two Harbors (Chris Pavlich, Kris Johnson, Jeremy Bergo,m Shawn Grider), Jim McGuinn, Jameson McGuinn, The Rope (Jesse, Pauly, Mike), PD Larson, Annika Ackerson, Jonatan Westh, Fer and Lux Noise (APZOO)! Maybe you want to lift your voice and join in? If you do, join BNLX with The Rope & Night of Joy at Reverie Bar & Cafe tonight!