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Review – MR DR – Summer in the Backseat EP


By Rebecca Marx, Photo Credit Stephanie Marie Victoria Braun

I can be a real sucker for a good ole bit of country and western rock, especially if it comes with that perfect male and female vocal blend that lingers, and alights together in all the right places. MR DR nails that on every “drunken love and sobering truth” track of their debut EP Summer in the Backseat. Continue reading

Article – DEMO turns up the volume for Minnesota musicians from the quietest place on Earth


By Ann Treacy

There’s a lot of great music in the Twin Cities. There are a lot of great places to see local music. But how to raise the voices of local music beyond the local stage? DEMO is doing that with the Naked Songwriter, a video series starring emerging Minnesota musicians airing on YouTube and MTN.

Each video features an artist or group playing the music they want to play with just enough introduction to up the intimacy to a comfortable warmth. Taping for the shows recently moved from a coffee shop to Orfield Labs, dubbed the quietest place on Earth by the Guinness World Records in 2005 and 2103 because of their anechoic chamber. Orfield was formerly Studio 80, the birthplace of Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks and Lipps Inc’s Funkytown. Continue reading

Interview – Stacy K


Photos by Darin Back

By Rebecca Marx

Rift has been aware of the very talented musician Stacy K for quite some time, and after reviewing her 2013 album Swarming With Frenzy, Swirling With Delight, I felt that Rift  would be wise to keep an eye on her. Stacy K’s recent release: Hotel Colfax, delivers big time on the promise of bigger things for the future. Check out her EP Hotel Colfax, and read on to see what her next move is. Continue reading