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Review – The Gated Community – We Can Do Anything


By Courtney Schultz

Bluegrass music pockets a way of filling you up from your core and working itself through your entire being. Stir it up with the perfect concoction of sunlight-warmed skin and grass-cushioned feet, and it will lift you off the ground and move you; your soul being summoned to enter the physical world, or perhaps it’s your body entering the spiritual world. Continue reading

Review – Chokecherry – The Future Was a Long Time Ago


By Clara Tsac

Minneapolis-based band Chokecherry puts a fresh spin on your favorite country records in the paradoxically titled The Future Was a Long Time Ago. Folksy, whimsical, sometimes self-deprecating, Chokecherry is a band that makes feel-good music without taking themselves too seriously. Most of the songs intertwine loosely harmonized choruses and mournful blues singing over a mix of country and punk. Continue reading

Listen – Carbon Handshake – Mantras

[bandcamp width=350 height=470 album=839748352 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false]


CD Release Show – 5/27 at The Triple Rock


Review – Omen – Bad


By Clara Tsac

Twin Cities artist Omen packs a heavy metal punch in new album Bad A fusion of hip-hop and rock, Omen spits smooth existentialist bravado over distorted guitar lines and punk drums. Produced by DJ Name and Wesley Opus with additional backup vocals by Wesley Opus, the instrumentation leans towards the Midwestern punk-rap sensibility of Doomtree.  It’s difficult to say whether the album is a rap album steeped in metal, or a heavy metal album with no singing. Continue reading

Review – Filthy Animals – Music House


By Clara Tsac

St. Paul indie rock band Filthy Animals must’ve had a hell of a time making their newest album, Music House. From beginning to end, the energy is infectiously positive without being cloying, bringing it back to the roots of rock band music- a couple friends jamming out in a garage. A foot-tapping swirl of funky jam sessions and bluesy guitar riffs, the album ranges from old-school rock n’ roll throw backs to groovy delta rhythms. Continue reading

Review – B.O.Y.F. – White Boyfriend


By Clara Tsac

“Before Others, Yourself Forever!” mixes a bit of insanity with bittersweet heartbreak and queer empowerment in White Boyfriend. The Minneapolis-based trio gently brushes political messages over whimsical harmonies and interesting basslines, told in tales of Minotaurs and long nights. White Boyfriend is a soundtrack for ambiguous-smelling thrift stores, and delivers as many loopy refrains and vibe-out synth chords as any Lyndale Avenue dweller could want. Continue reading