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Article – The Almighty American

By Thomas Rehbein

With various singer-songwriters regularly sprouting up in Our Land of Great Lakes, it’s easy to pass many of them up, lest they were at least semi-famous front persons in a former life. Every now and again, though, one shines through beckoning to be heard. Continue reading

Paul Gardner of Florafauna has 7 posters in new Wilco book.


Local Minneapolis Designer / Illustrator Paul Gardner of Florafauna has 7 posters in Beyond The Fleeting Moment: Wilco Concert Posters 2004-2014. Paul Gardner is the Chief Design Officer at Florafauna which has been doing some very cool branding and design work. It’s pretty cool to have a local designer doing poster work for a national band.

It’s also cool to see a band like Wilco utilize so many artists to create the posters, enough to fill an entire book. According to Gardner, “While music fans can find design books specific to gig posters, I don’t know of any other band that has produced both the quality and quantity of posters to do something like this. Beyond the Fleeting Moment is a collection of cultural artifacts that celebrates the living legend of Wilco.”