Review – Ecid Pheromone Heavy


By Clara Tsac

Twin Cities rapper Ecid delivers a totally irreverent, post-hyphy album packed with existential wordplay in “Pheromone Heavy.” The tracks rest on a mix of EDM synth loops, creeping punk rock instrumentals, and the occasional dab of folksy guitar thrown in. Equal parts conceptual frustration and tumultuous humor, the album can be summarized as Ecid’s stoned stream-of-consciousness. Continue Reading →

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Video – Har-di-Har – We Scare Each Other

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Video – Ecid – Counterfeit Dreams

Make sure you check out his CD release next week –


Review – Frankincense – Barbara EP


By LC Flowers

With calibrated ferocity, Frankincense’s Barbara EP captures the the angst that made the Seattle grunge scene of the late eighties so unique. But it’d be unfair to slap this EP with a brand or label so unhesitatingly since it too explores elements of noise rock and psychedelic. The more subdued moments are reserved for the last track of the compilation, where the vocalist finds herself ending on an introspective note. Continue Reading →

Review – Greg Grease – Born To Lurk Forced To Work

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 6.28.21 AM

By Rebecca Marx

Greg Grease is bang on with his new album Born to Lurk Forced to Work, a perfectly exposed snapshot of what is happening on our streets and in our homes right here, right now. The title originated in part from Greg’s attempts to be young and carefree but learning that this is a promise not always delivered. In his own words: “Originally inspired by skate and graffiti culture and my life experience of late nights, run-ins with the law, and enjoying my youth. While creating the album I learned about lurk ordinances, and the use of such ordinances as tools of enforcement and intimidation by police officers towards racial minorities and the homeless throughout history.” The Black Lives Matter Movement, Trayvon Martin, children being murdered by police, and the flashpoint-Ferguson, Missouri all resonate on this timely album. Continue Reading →

Review – Moon and Pollution – The Box Borealis


By Derek Lynch

Moon and Pollution is the name given to synth-laden, beautifully haunting duo of singer Molly Dean and producer Graham O’Brien. The combo had barely formed last year when Atmosphere’s Slug asked them to perform at the Bayfront Festival. Their debut LP, The Box Borealis, was released on January 27th and has already been generating some much-deserved praise for its ethereal vocal layers and hypnotic, pulsing rhythm. Continue Reading →

Video – Jourdan Myers – Wanderlust

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