Review – Jacob Pavek – Illume


By Kelsey Simpkins

The masters aren’t all dead. And if you’re a fan of Amélie, you’re in luck. Jacob Pavek has composed the next soundtrack of the decade, or rather, one of the best modern classical albums on this side of the globe. A small genre, to be sure, but no less of one. Amidst a scene, and a nation, bursting at the seams with every variation on indie rock, Pavek explores the wordless side of a contemporary LP. Continue Reading →

Video – Stacy K – Your Room

Video – Gabe Barnett – Old Dogs

Gabe starts his residency tonight 7/2 at the 331 club.

Review – The Gated Community – We Can Do Anything


By Courtney Schultz

Bluegrass music pockets a way of filling you up from your core and working itself through your entire being. Stir it up with the perfect concoction of sunlight-warmed skin and grass-cushioned feet, and it will lift you off the ground and move you; your soul being summoned to enter the physical world, or perhaps it’s your body entering the spiritual world. Continue Reading →

Video – On an On – It’s Not Over

Review – The Last Revel – The Last Revel


By Evan Verploegh

Let’s be honest here: Bluegrass bands are a dime a dozen these days. It takes a true uniqueness and distinction to set yourselves apart from the large pack of bluegrass and americana musicians we see today. What has come in the current revival of bluegrass, folk and americana is an incredible amount of friendly competition that challenges bands to excel in musicianship and develop a notable sound that can be quickly identified. Minneapolis’ own The Last Revel has successfully honed in on a sound that does just that. Continue Reading →

Babes In Toyland at Rock The Garden

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All Photos by Tony Nelson –


Video – Strange Names – I Can’t Control Myself

Video – Guante – A Pragmatist’s Guide to Faith

Guante – A Pragmatist's Guide to Faith from The River Signal on Vimeo.

Listen – Gabe Barnett – Old Dogs

Gabe Barnett
Gabe Barnett – “Old Dogs”

Gabe Barnett starts his residency at the 331 club, starting next Thursday.