Review – Fly By Night: A New Rock Fable – Jungle Theater

Fly By Night
Jungle Theater
By Bev Wolfe

Fly by Night opened at the Jungle Theater this past weekend. The musical was conceived by Kim Rosenstock, and was written and composed by Rosenstock, Will Connolly, and Michael Mitnick. Jungle Theatre’s Artistic Director Sarah Rasmussen directs this ambitious show that boasts a wonderful cast, great musicians and some great comedic scenes. But overall the musical is too long and is bloated with unnecessarily repetitive scenes. Continue reading

Listen – Resist! Resist! Summer Mix – BNLX

Do you feel like you don’t have a voice? Would you like to move forward and shed the politics of day and go your own way? You should check out the new summer mix of “Resist! Resist!” by BNLX. The epic protest song has an ever growing cast of voices including Mark Mallman, John Mallman, Ciaran Daly, Tommy Rehbein, Two Harbors (Chris Pavlich, Kris Johnson, Jeremy Bergo,m Shawn Grider), Jim McGuinn, Jameson McGuinn, The Rope (Jesse, Pauly, Mike), PD Larson, Annika Ackerson, Jonatan Westh, Fer and Lux Noise (APZOO)! Maybe you want to lift your voice and join in? If you do, join BNLX with The Rope & Night of Joy at Reverie Bar & Cafe tonight!

Review – Soundset 2017

By Desney Cody, Photo Credit Vito Ingerto

Fans and artists, local and internationally, all gathered together for the same reason for the 10th year in a row at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds; an event that started from the ground up and now is known as the largest hip hop festival in the country–Soundset. Continue reading

Slideshow – Soundset – 2017

Photos By Vito Ingerto

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Interview – The Gated Community’s Sumanth Gopinath

A year or two ago, I received a package at the coffee shop I co-own with my family that included a CD and some press information. It was from someone named Sumanth Gopinath, and the cover art was vague so I wasn’t sure of the style of music. Continue reading

Video – Brian Just – Changing Traffic Lights

This release flew a little under my radar. I just got a chance to sit  down and listen to the entire Brian Just album Changing Traffic Lights. I am almost at a loss for words, how good this is. The orchestration of the instruments and Just’s vocal melodies are amazing. I have listened to and enjoyed some of his previous work, but this seems like a huge step forward. It does sound a bit nostalgic, but only in a great way. It’s nice to be blown away once in awhile, so I can keep coming back to the well of amazing local music.

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Slideshow – Naive Sense Farewell Show – 5/13 at The Triple Rock

Photos By Vito Ingerto

Photos of Another Heaven, Hive, Naive Sense, Typesetter and Wretch from the Naive Sense farewell show.

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Listen – KPT – Sequel

It’s time to go to your dark place and come out on the other side as a fully functioning person of society. Crawling into the fetal position and coming out reborn is possible. This new track from KPT will help you start your journey.

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