Interview – Will Maravelas – Zero Budget Records and More…


Maybe because I tend to have my eggs in multiple baskets, day job, music blog, music, writing etc…. It always intrigues me to see other people doing multiple things and seemingly doing well at them.

Over the years from afar, I have seen Will Maravelas keep churning out CDs in his co-op label Zero Budget Records, playing in multiple bands and also recording bands. Plus also having a day job at Guitar Center. Continue reading

Slideshow – Lemmy Tribute at The Turf Club

Photos by Vito Ingerto

These awesome pics are from the Lemmy Tribute at the Turf Club on 8/13/16. The bands that played were Impaler, Virgin Whores, Fret Rattles, Dawn of Valor, Trim Reaper, The Violent Shifters and Bad Idea. All of the proceeds went to the Ronnie James Dio Stand up and Shout Cancer Fund.

Interview – Joy Donley – Director of the Backyard Musical: Orphie and the Book of Heroes

orphie lead wide

Rebecca Marx

With the proliferation of social media, it is more apparent than ever that every one of us has a story to tell. Young women in particular go through their adolescence faced with a lot of challenges, and learned stereotypes regarding who they should be in the world. Continue reading

Interview – Making a Good Thing Even Better: Interviews on Guitar and Instrument Repair


Making a Good Thing Even Better: Interviews on Guitar and Instrument Repair

Kelsey Simpkins

When you snap the headstock of your prized possession in a moment of passion on stage, the bridge slips out of place, the nut gets too worn down, your current strings aren’t doing it for you, or your guitar is just not playing right, who do you call?! Ghostbust – errr, wait. Sorry, got excited there for a second. You call… your local guitar fixer upper. Guy. Gal. Luthier. Continue reading

Review – Adam Svec – Bad Lungs EP

adam svec

Desney Cody

Life is everything dark, twisted, beautiful and painful. Adam Svec’s latest EP; Bad Lungs shows every aspect of that through his emotional centerhold of a voice, and his deep and dark lyrics. Bad Lungs covers topics of break ups, faith and struggling with one’s inner demons. The title of the EP is one big metaphor of trying to avoid being suffocated, attempting to stay afloat, and waiting for the air to clear of smoke while going through life’s hard times. Continue reading

Interview – Chris Lynch with The Dust of Suns Ensemble – Dreams For Hannah


By Rebecca Marx

Multi instrumentalist and vocalist Chris Lynch is quite the enigma with his brand new record Dreams For Hannah. I have to admit that when I first learned of it, I was both intrigued and bewildered. This musician that I knew from rock bands was releasing what? Definitely an out of the box piece of elegance. I had to pick his brain to see just what makes him tick. Continue reading

Ch Ch Ch Changes to


By Rich Horton

Driving into work back in early January, I was going over an idea in my head, how the music industry is changing, as is all industry and business. For some reason, the David Bowie song “Changes” came into my head.  Couldn’t have been more than 30 seconds later, they announced on the radio that Bowie had passed away, and that song played for the news item. Continue reading

Listen – Hot Date – His

Hot Date gets right to the point with their new 3 song EP, entitled Three Sides To The Story. Here is info on the release show –