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Article – Pachyderm Studio on the Rise – Grand Opening Celebration 10/15/16

CANNON FALLS, MN OCTOBER 15: Open house at Pachyderm Studio on October 15, 2016 in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. © Tony Nelson

CANNON FALLS, MN OCTOBER 15: Open house at Pachyderm Studio on October 15, 2016 in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. © Tony Nelson

Rebecca Marx  Photo Credit Tony Nelson

There is no mistake, you are in the right place. Pachyderm beckons. The studio once still and silent is awash with people inside and out. The drive up to the 1963 built Frank Lloyd Wright inspired house is ringed with gates festooned with majestic elephants, and in the planted bed in front of the prairie style rambler there lives a trio of Pachyderms, trunks joyously raised in greeting.

CANNON FALLS, MN OCTOBER 15: Open house at Pachyderm Studio on October 15, 2016 in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. © Tony Nelson

CANNON FALLS, MN OCTOBER 15: Open house at Pachyderm Studio on October 15, 2016 in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. © Tony Nelson

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Event Preview – Melvin Seals & JGB – Skyway Theatre 10/14


Bob Minkin Photography

I  know that there are a lot of you Deadheads out there that are well aware of who Melvin Seals is. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Seals was in the Jerry Garcia Band until Garcia’s passing in 1995. Melvin Seals comes to Minneapolis this Friday, October 14th to keep that flame glowing. The real reason this is relevant to local music is that quite a few MN “jam bands” are going to be performing at this festival-like event. Frogleg, Circle of Heat, and the Gypsy Lumberjacks will all be there! Check out some footage of what they do BEST: Continue reading

Event Preview – Uke Fest 2016 – Vieux Carre 10/14


This year’s Uke Fest has crossed the Mississippi to land squarely in Saint Paul at the Vieux Carré Jazz club. How fitting as 2016 is the “Year of Music” in our capital city! This is the festival’s fifth year, and the fourth year that finds local ukulele songstress Katy Vernon at its helm. Continue reading

Review – Jake Jones – From Time to Time

Jake Jones

Desney Cody

Music to some is just noise; words put to a beat, or rhythm. Some have no real emotional connection or meaning to the music they are making, or listening to. Minneapolis’s very own Jake Jones is one of the rawest yet. Their latest album From Time to Time speaks of topics from bad relationships and depression, to drug and Continue reading

News – Rift 26 Hour Songwriting Contest


So we have sent out a prompt to 10 songwriters, to write a song about Money. They will be playing their song, Friday, May 20th at The Warming House in South Minneapolis. You can come and judge, pick your favorite new songs and the winner will get a fancy certificate to frame and put in their awards room.

– If you’d like to participate you can, just not in a live performance capacity. Write your song based on the prompt MONEY and post it on Facebook. Be sure to tag both The Warming House and Folks from both organizations will review all entries and proclaim an online winner on Saturday, May 21st. If you win you’ll get two free tickets to a show at The Warming House.

– We encourage everyone to come to the show on Friday and make a donation to one or both organizations. You can also donate online. A donation is not required for participation in the online contest.

Here is a list of the performers and a little blurb about each one of them.

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2016 MN Music Coalition MMC 3 Day Summit 4/7-4/10


The MMC is hosting its annual Summit at the Amsterdam Bar in Saint Paul 4/7-4/9. Highlights include: keynote speaker David Lowery (Cracker & Camper Van Beethoven) & performances by Katy Vernon Band , Toki Wright & Big Cats , Ashley DuBose and the presentation of the MN Music Champion Award to Mayor Coleman!

The standout may just be the panel discussion on 4/9:

McNally Smith College of Music – 19 E. Exchange Street

12:30-2:30 pm: Young Artist Panel Discussion & Booking a Show at THE GARAGE (Auditorium)

A panel discussion on “What It’s Like to Be Young In the Music Scene,” talking about the opportunities and gaps in the Twin Cities all-ages music scene. The Executive Director of the all-ages music venue THE GARAGE will also be booking slots for some of their summer shows for young musicians/bands in attendance.~MMC

MMC Summit info

Book Release and Reading – J.J. Anselmi – “Heavy: A Memoir of Wyoming, BMX, Drugs, and Heavy Fucking Music”


How exciting is this, one of our writers has written a book. J.J. Anselmi, who has written a handful of reviews for us is releasing his and book and has a reading tonight at Common Good Books. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.