Review – Jake Jones – From Time to Time

Jake Jones

Desney Cody

Music to some is just noise; words put to a beat, or rhythm. Some have no real emotional connection or meaning to the music they are making, or listening to. Minneapolis’s very own Jake Jones is one of the rawest yet. Their latest album From Time to Time speaks of topics from bad relationships and depression, to drug and alcohol use, as well as just trying to be yourself – following your dreams.

With the inspirations of classics – Tom Petty and Willie Nelson, Jake Jones is able to come into their own and go against “the local music” grain with their alternative country rock vibe. Much like their inspirations, the band isn’t making music just to make music. Jake says: “writing songs has always been cathartic, which is why I sing about depression, poor relationships, drug use and alcohol, etc.” It is much more of a release, or escape of reality than anything. Jake Jones is different than most in that they expose themselves in an emotionally transparent way: “I’d rather be authentic and vulnerable, than pretend to be something I’m not.”

In 2014 Jake Jones released a six track EP, they then wanted to follow up with a full length album; From Time to Time is the result. “This record includes songs written over the course of a few years, some of which were written when I was in college dealing with depression and anxiety” says Jake.

From the album’s start to the end, it shows growth and individualism as one tries to deal with setbacks while figuring out what to do in life. The first single exhibits this with the lyrics: “‘Cause I am chasing dreams, I can’t give up.” Those lyrics carry throughout the whole album as it goes into deeper topics with the tracks “Dancing in the Rain” and “Cowboy Song.” The album closes with “Reputation,” coming full circle. “Reputation” speaks of not letting anyone tell you how to live your life, because no one really knows you and what you want, but you.

Jake Jones totally captivates the listener, taking them on a journey through this snippet of life called From Time to Time. NOT the typical local indie or country band – they fuse the two genres, make it their very own and completely own it.