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Review – Loss Molecules – Magnetic Ghost


Rebecca Marx

Magnetic Ghost is the captivating solo work of Andrew Larson. Larson’s sophomore release Loss Molecules is primed to shine a focused beam on the shoegaze, psychedelia prowess that has been dismissed in the Twin Cities music community for too long. Continue reading

Review – Annie and the Bang Bang – Save Yourself


Rebecca Marx

If you are looking for an album that satisfies the need for a strong artistic voice then look no further, Annie and the Bang Bang’s Save Yourself delivers. A vibrantly alive follow up to their 2013 self titled debut, Save Yourself will keep you riveted until the closing chords of the sweeping title track fade awayAn ominous snapshot into what breaking up, and moving on can look like. A voyeur’s dream. Continue reading

Interview – j.Bell of j.Bell & the Lazy Susan Band – “Genre Resistant Rock”


Rebecca Marx. Photo/Video Credit Jason Narverud

j.Bell & the Lazy Susan Band are a large band with a BIG sound. On the cusp of releasing their fifth record Underneath a Minnesota Moon, they have decided to throw away all labels. In essence they would like to be known for their brand of “Genre Resistant Rock”. Continue reading

Review – Sam Cassidy – Sam Cassidy and the Red Daughters Band EP


Rebecca Marx, Photo Credit Ben Madison

Just like you, my inbox is cause to many mixed feelings. In between the ads and the endless backlog of things that I admittedly may never get to, there hides gems. Continue reading

Review – Jake Jones – From Time to Time

Jake Jones

Desney Cody

Music to some is just noise; words put to a beat, or rhythm. Some have no real emotional connection or meaning to the music they are making, or listening to. Minneapolis’s very own Jake Jones is one of the rawest yet. Their latest album From Time to Time speaks of topics from bad relationships and depression, to drug and Continue reading

Review – Fairfax, AK – Wasted Youth

fairfax ak

By Brandon Henry  Photo Credit Jason Larkin

Wasted Youth is the first album in four years from the Minneapolis – based Fairfax, AK and the wait is well worth it. With its orchestral rock arrangements, finely crafted lyrics and an edge of punk angst, they demonstrate a maturity in their songwriting that is a testament to coming of age, again. This is a cohesive collection of songs that brilliantly trace the jagged arc of growing up, moving on and lamenting what is left behind. Continue reading

Event Preview – Jake Jones LP Release Show – Turf Club 8/27

Jake Jones

Rebecca Marx

Jake Jones released his first full length album on the auspicious date of July 4th this year, and on August 27th he’ll celebrate its official release show at the Turf Club. From Time to Time is a dream of a Minnesota crafted indie country record, reminiscent of Tom Petty or Jason Isbell. Continue reading

Review – Adam Svec – Bad Lungs EP

adam svec

Desney Cody

Life is everything dark, twisted, beautiful and painful. Adam Svec’s latest EP; Bad Lungs shows every aspect of that through his emotional centerhold of a voice, and his deep and dark lyrics. Bad Lungs covers topics of break ups, faith and struggling with one’s inner demons. The title of the EP is one big metaphor of trying to avoid being suffocated, attempting to stay afloat, and waiting for the air to clear of smoke while going through life’s hard times. Continue reading