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Listen – Annie and the Bang Bang – Virus

100 Days of Local Music – Day 24
Annie and the Bang Bang – Virus


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Review – Annie and the Bang Bang – Save Yourself


Rebecca Marx

If you are looking for an album that satisfies the need for a strong artistic voice then look no further, Annie and the Bang Bang’s Save Yourself delivers. A vibrantly alive follow up to their 2013 self titled debut, Save Yourself will keep you riveted until the closing chords of the sweeping title track fade awayAn ominous snapshot into what breaking up, and moving on can look like. A voyeur’s dream. Continue reading

So Much Rock: Hexagon + Four Bands

Doors at 9:00
Music delivery at 10:00!
Bands every hour on the hour. Here they are, ladies and gents, from first up to bringing it all home:
1st: Sonicbouquet
2nd: Annie and the Bang Bang
3rd: The Pulvermachers
Bringing it all home: Tim Casey & the Martyrs
No Cover, but drink a lot at the BACK BAR (where the stage is) because we all get a cut from THAT bar. Think of it as charity that you benefit directly from!