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Event – Mary Bue – The Majesty of Beasts EP Release.

Mary Bue has been all over the place, creating music, putting out albums and starting a yoga studio. All before she turns 21 this Friday. 😉  Catch the release party for the release of The Majesty of Beasts, a very personal project for Bue.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out her music, this is a great chance! If you want to visit Duluth on Saturday you get a second chance or a second time to see her.

Mary Bue EP Release Mpls w/ Gabriel Douglas & Timbre Ghost at Icehouse. Friday 5/12

Mary Bue EP Party Duluth w/ Paul Fonfara & Ingeborg von Agassiz at Red Herring Lounge. Saturday 5/13

Check out all her great music on Bandcamp.

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Review – Mother Banjo & Ben Cook-Feltz – Christmas Came Early EP

By Brandon Henry Photo Credit Jessica Hackner

Mother Banjo and Ben Cook-Feltz’s EP Christmas Came Early is a soul-healing collection of songs that put you in the spirit of the season. Outshining bigger-budget affairs, the EP strays from the standards and dives deep into the holiday cannon with four songs that span a wide array of Continue reading

Interview – Ike Reilly – Thankful in Minneapolis


Rebecca Marx, Photo Credit Crackerfarm Photography

For over a decade The Ike Reilly Assassination has been making a pre-Thanksgiving stop right here in the Twin Cities. This year is no different as The Ike Reilly Assassination will be putting on a show like no other in First Avenue’s Mainroom the night before the holiday. I called up Ike Reilly to chat about the show, Bob Dylan, and a host of other timely topics, including a few questions about his wonderfully “rabid” fans and what he may, or may not owe them. Continue reading

Interview – Greg Norton Takes the Call


Rebecca Marx Photo Credit Dan Corrigan

You know what they say: “A missed call is a missed opportunity”? Well, let’s just say that I’m really glad that Greg Norton is the kind of a guy who answers his phone. Had he not, I wouldn’t be writing about the iconically mustachioed musician. Most of you will be quite familiar with Norton who was the bassist for the influential punk rock trio out of Minneapolis–HĂźsker DĂź, but maybe less familiar with the band that he has just joined. Continue reading

Interview – Making a Good Thing Even Better: Interviews on Guitar and Instrument Repair


Making a Good Thing Even Better: Interviews on Guitar and Instrument Repair

Kelsey Simpkins

When you snap the headstock of your prized possession in a moment of passion on stage, the bridge slips out of place, the nut gets too worn down, your current strings aren’t doing it for you, or your guitar is just not playing right, who do you call?! Ghostbust – errr, wait. Sorry, got excited there for a second. You call… your local guitar fixer upper. Guy. Gal. Luthier. Continue reading

Daydreamin’ – Mary Olson

Check out the opening for ‘Daydreamin’, a summer inspired collection of paintings and fabric art by Mary Olson

Mary grew up in St. Paul and attended the College of Visual Arts and University of Minnesota, graduating with an Art BA in 2004. Her lifelong ambition is to work full time as a professional independent artist, continually developing new work and ideas with painting and drawing at the foundation. She knew around 10th grade that she wanted to spend all of her time studying art in an open studio environment. Her goal remains: To translate my evolving abstract aesthetic, ideas & process into further original fine art, design and handmade items. Influenced by color and contrasts, architectural landscapes and the natural environment- her creative interests go beyond painting & include design, screen-printing, illustration, weaving, textile design and photography.

check out more art listings at mplsart.com

Hot Off the Press: The 29th Co-op Exhibition

Highpoint Center for Printmaking is pleased to present Hot Off the Press, an exhibition of prints by members of its artists’ studio cooperative. This summer’s show, the 29th Highpoint Cooperative exhibition, features the work of 42 local printmakers currently working in Highpoint’s facilities.

More than 80 pieces were selected by the co-op’s curatorial committee for exhibition. Printmaking methods represented include lithography, relief, intaglio, screenprinting, monotype, and polymer photogravure. The prints will be on view and available for purchase July 8–August 27, 2016.

The public is invited to an opening reception on Friday, July 8, from 6:30–9 pm. At this free event, guests will have the opportunity to mingle with the artists, tour HP’s printshop, and enjoy beverages and hors d’oeuvres. Guests are encouraged to take advantage of a one-night-only 20% discount for all co-op member prints on the walls as well as shrink-wrapped work in the sale racks.

Participating Artists:

  • Megan Anderson
  • Nancy Ariza
  • Kat Aymeloglu
  • Josh Bindewald
  • Lynette Black
  • Nancy Bolan
  • Lynn Bollman
  • James Boyd Brent
  • Meg Bussey
  • Pamela Carberry
  • Anna Carlson
  • Kyle Caspers
  • Katy Collier
  • Christine Cosentino
  • Heather Delisle
  • Mike Elko
  • Lauren Flynn
  • Kaitlin Frick
  • Sally Gordon
  • Kate Goyette
  • Tyler Green
  • Calvin Hafermann
  • Molly Hanrahan
  • Nancy A. Johnson
  • Therese Krupp
  • Dana LeMoine
  • Regina Levin
  • Jeremy Lund
  • Jeremy Lundquist
  • Carl Nanoff
  • Anna Orbovich
  • John Pearson
  • Dana Potter
  • Eileen Rieman-Schaut
  • Andrea Risjord
  • Glenn Ronning
  • Alex Rush
  • Kurt Seaberg
  • Thad Spencer
  • Anda Tanaka
  • Maria Cristina Tavera
  • Clara Ueland

Pictured above: Lauren Flynn, nine-tenths (detail), monoprint, inkjet, found image, 2016

Review – Ilika Ward CD Release Show Icehouse Mpls 6/29/16 – Many Faces CD


ilika 4

By Derek Lynch

After an opening act consisting of Mike Munson’s thick, gritty, and almost tangibly mountainous traditional blues singing accompanied by his slide guitar and a washboard, Jake Ilika and Joel Ward took the stage almost immediately. Continue reading

Review – Astronomique Self Titled EP – Astronomique


By Desney Cody
“Past reality, outside of time – we find what is real” are the lyrics that circle your head as you listen to Astronomique’s self titled EP – Astronomique. The EP explores the depth of life and love by showing it through music and art in a ‘60s psychedelic manner, but with an ‘80s love pop song twist. Continue reading