Review – Loss Molecules – Magnetic Ghost


Rebecca Marx

Magnetic Ghost is the captivating solo work of Andrew Larson. Larson’s sophomore release Loss Molecules is primed to shine a focused beam on the shoegaze, psychedelia prowess that has been dismissed in the Twin Cities music community for too long. The musical/artistic craftsmanship of Loss Molecules brings to mind Magic Castles and Chatham Rise, stars in the local community of psyche sound.

Slow down, hear the music, feel the music–this is what I found myself intoning as I hit play on Loss Molecules. Being a very visual person, there is a an aesthetic to shoegaze in general, and to Magnetic Ghost’s work in particular that pairs itself well with the boundless imagery of the mind.

“Landfill” is a Manchester meets Minneapolis gem of a track. The cheeky lyric “Onto the landfill, would it fill your mind still?” reminded me of Larson’s own phrase lifted from his website: “…rural psychedelia inspired by the beauty and isolation of open spaces, and the creeping anxiety of the human drive to fill those spaces.” Indeed, as the guitar crescendo climbs upward, so does the pulse of the listener, until the dizzying music drops off into an uncomfortable silence.

The baritone guitar intro of “Vanish Vanishing” and reverberant drums are a welcome assault that paired with the mantra like round of looped vocals create a heavy blanket of sound. A song to keep you warm on a cold night.

In the midst of a world where we struggle with the ability to tune out, Loss Molecules is just the place to take a trip to. Hit play and sit back, listen and let your mind wander where it might go to, unencumbered and free. Let the sound wash over you, Andrew Larson has created a vast, hypnotic world for you to explore.