Article – 5 Reasons to Record in a Studio

By T. Perry Bowers
From the blog The Artist-Entrepreneur

I am working with a marketing guy right now. We are setting up an inbound marketing campaign that will, hopefully, boost my business. He asked me to write a blog about why it’s better to record in a studio than at home. He thinks, and I agree, that home recording is my biggest competitor. For a few thousand dollars, if you know what you’re doing, a home studio engineer can give a million dollar studio a run for its money.

I was recently having a conversation with my son about his career in the music business. He has a band. They are doing a bunch of gigs and getting radio airplay. You can check them out here: Last year, they released an EP produced by (Semisonic, New Standards) bass player John Munson. That’s way more than I had going when I was twenty one years old.

Our conversation revolved around recording their next album. He was concerned about money. I told him that I think he should just start some pre-production demos. He said he didn’t have any recording gear. I told him he can buy a pre-amp and a microphone for a hundred bucks on Craigslist. Use Garage Band (Mason Jennings recorded an entire album on Garage Band that got a four star review in Rolling Stone!). Get some ideas going. That’s when recording at home is at it’s best. It’s great when you’re playing with song ideas, tonal layering, beats, etc. Home recording is great when you don’t want the pressure of time. And, if you’re a brilliant sound engineer and have ample gear, by all means, make and finish your album at home, But, if you’re like the rest of us, hire a professional studio. Do it right and have fun.

1. High Quality Gear

Studios have better gear. It sounds better. It does more. Most of the time, when it comes to audio gear. you get what you pay for. The field is so competitive that high priced gear that doesn’t kick ass gets weeded out fast.

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