Advertising on websites, especially a local art and music blog is risky. How do you track if people are seeing your ad or it is getting any results at all? Plus advertising can be expensive, you don’t want to throw your money out the window. presents the 1/2 off gift certificate promo advertising special.

It costs no money up front and all the pressure is on to promote your business.

Here is how it works. You pledge an amount of gift certificates or a cash value coupon for your business. We offer a half price deal on that amount. We sell it, by advertising and promoting it on our website, facebook, twitter and email newsletter.

When someone purchases it from us, we send you that person’s info and you mail or email info on how they can redeem that gift certificate or coupon.

Here is an example – You want to do 3 $30 gift certificates, we sell them for $15 each. We get the $45 for promoting your business, you get a new customer or an old customer to come back, while hundreds of people see your business.  Plus you’re also supporting local music and art.

for more info email rich at