Review – Naive Sense – Art Failures


By: Kaleb Bronson

Get ready to shred and rip the faces off of the musical landscape you are used to, Naïve Sense has arrived and is making hardcore noise with Art Failures.

Minneapolis is a hot bed for punk-rock that is able to stay underground yet has the talent to be on the big stage, Naïve Sense is one of those bands. The sound is intrusive and angry, but seeing them at First Avenue would not be out of place.

Based on the Social Media information that can be found about the band, they could care less about Social Media; what a relief. Punk rock is not made to be blasted all over Facebook and Twitter like a plague or infestation, it’s meant for the moment and this band does this well.

As stated on their Bandcamp page, which has minimal information, “Naive Sense is a trans* fronted hardcore/punk band from Minneapolis, MN.” Comprised of four members; Natalie on terrorizing vocals, Tommy on ripping guitar, Mikey on the wall-shaking bass and Jeff on the thunderous drums, no last names are known, nor are they needed, just the noise.

Each of the 12-tracks on Art Failures impound the listener like a Monster Truck Rally, growling, screaming and leaping into the air and landing on the next track. Take a deep breath before entering this arena, for the listener is going to be challenged, you will want to shatter all surrounding breakable items. Not an album to listen to in the cubed jungle, i.e. desk-job.

Keep your pulse on the Minneapolis underground and listen for the roar of Naïve Sense, Art Failures is pure aggression at its finest level. Prepare to thrash.

Check then out at the 7th St. Entry – Friday, Nov 6th –


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