Review – Kitten Forever – 7 Hearts


Review by: Kaleb Bronson

Some may label them as ‘Riot Grrrl’, and some may say they are punk, but Kitten Forever is so much more, they are a fierce trio of musicians with messages to scrawl across the Minneapolis landscape and beyond with their new album “7 Hearts.”

Beginning in 2008, Kitten Forever began to parade across the scene with savage energy and relentless lyrical flavor. Since they began, the raw style has remained and has only gotten stronger. “Trust no one, eat your tears,” Corrie Harrigan  bellows in the track “Temple”, which shows the blustery platform they portray in a few short words.

The trio is made up of Corrie Harrigan, Laura Larson, and Liz Elton. The members alternate between sharing turns as lead vocalist, drummer, guitarist and bassist on the album, as well as during live performances.

Each track throughout this record releases a different level of enthusiastic retreat. The lyrics are sharp, chant-worthy and riotous. Not only is “7 Hearts” well put together, it is also an album to see/hear live. Kitten Forever has just returned from circling the US on a tour, but will surely be ready to perform in our Midwest haven soon enough.

Some of the best tracks include: “Trip Wire,” “Souvenir” and “Nightmare”, but the entire album does not have one track to skip. If listeners want an impassioned album soaked with a musical burning that will leave you yearning for more, then Kitten Forever’s “7 Hearts” is the record to digest.

*This is an edited version of the original review. In the original, the writer mistakenly refers to Liz Elton as the singer on “Temple”-it is in fact Corrie Harrigan who wrote, sang and performs the song. In addition, an error was made in stating what instrument each band member plays, they’re all lead vocalists and all 3 alternate between playing the drums, guitar and bass guitar. All mistakes are ours.