Op Ed & Slideshow – The Mad Ripple Hootenanny 10 Year Anniversary – The Cedar Cultural Center 11/10/16

Joe Baumgart Jillian Rae, Terry Walsh, Tony Nelson, Larry Long, David Haugen, Joseph Pettini, Mary Beth Hanson, Nick Hensley, Mayda Pauline, John Louis, Katy Vernon, Martin Devaney, Mary Cutrufello, Sarah E Morris, Vicky Emerson-Wallace, Dan Israel, Nick Leet, Joe Fahey, Michael Ferrier, Brianna Lane, Doug Collins, Brian Drake, Shawn Stelton, Nici Peper, John Magnuson, Sarah Streitz, Jeff Krause, Maya Elena, Jonathan Delehanty

Rebecca Marx Photo Credit David Tanner

Jim Walsh’s Mad Ripple Hootenanny celebrated its 10 year anniversary at The Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis on November 10th, 2016. The host of the Hoot–Jim Walsh, was there to facilitate the post-election feelings and frustrations that the players carried burdensome in their hearts. In fact, many of the people inside of the Cedar had walked along with anti-Trump protestors–Gary Louris of the Jayhawks amongst them–as they journeyed to the show. The complicated emotions of the evening were only deepened by the shared grief over the announcement of the passing of poet and singer songwriter Leonard Cohen.

A song can sing the heart, when the words cannot be easily said. I am no poet, but the value of a shared song or beat in this time of duress for so many is something that cannot be underestimated. Communal grief is lessened by hugs shared, and hands shook. The enjoyment of live music can be a cathartic experience that gives voice to those emotions that smolder inside. People dissimilar, and similar can all benefit from the safe release of emotions through music.

“We are so small between the stars, so large against the sky.” ~Leonard Cohen

*The Hoot will return in December to Harriet Brewing (until its end of January close) & Fridays at Studio 2.