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A Valentine’s Evening with Chris Koza and Lucy Michelle at the Cedar Cultural Center

Over the past decade, Lucy Michelle and Chris Koza have been among the most consistent and prolific artists in Minneapolis/St. Paul. During that timespan, Chris has released 10 albums – most recently 2014’s In Real Time while also fronting the band Rogue Valley. Lucy Michelle has recently followed up 2013’s Chan Poling/John Munson-co-produced solo album Attack of the Heart by rekindling with former Velvet Lapels collaborators under the moniker “Little Fevers” for their delightful and energetic debut album Field Trip.

This Valentine’s Day the duo — along with several other melodic friends — will be filling the Cedar Cultural Center with originals and covers inspired by the pearls – and perils of romance. Chris and Lucy will perform solo, as a duo, and as a quartet with the musical guidance of Richard Medek (drum) and John Munson (bass). Special guests for the evening include Adam Levy (The Honedogs, And The Professors), Alexei Moon Casselle (Mixed Blood Majority, Kill the Vultures), Leah Ottman (LOTT, We are the Willows), and singer-songwriter Brian Just.

In advance of Valentine’s Day, Chris and Lucy are forging ahead through the depths of the Minnesota Winter by recording a special covers EP. This sure-to-be-rare, sure-to-be-rad collection of songs is an exclusive release – and a sincere Thank You – for ticket-holders to the show. The album will be distributed as a download in early February, prior the show.

Will there be cakes? Sing-alongs? Fancy Gowns? Surprises? Will you find your one True Love in the audience? The possibilities are many, but the time and place are one: Sunday, February 14th the Cedar Cultural Center present: A Valentine’s Evening w/ Chris Koza and Lucy Michelle.

Review – Adam Levy – Naubinway Album Release, Cedar Cultural Center 11/8


Photo By Eduardo A. Colon

by Derek Lynch

As Adam Levy’s six-person backing band took the stage last Saturday night and created a wall of sound that grew in intensity until it melded into the intro of “Eucatastrophe”, a slideshow of grotesque and surreal artwork was projected onto the wall behind them. This was to be a visual counterpart to the underlying focus of mental health and suicide awareness on Levy’s newest record, Naubinway. After the unimaginably tragic loss of his son Daniel to suicide in 2012, Levy managed to carry on by becoming a beacon of support and guidance for families experiencing similar tragedies. As stated by Bill Grey of People Incorporated earlier in the evening, Levy has helped countless others cope by speaking out with his own story, and by writing music to help us all connect with each other. Last night, Adam and friends treated the Cedar to the entirety of the record, all translated beautifully from studio to stage. Continue reading