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Interview – Greg Norton Takes the Call


Rebecca Marx Photo Credit Dan Corrigan

You know what they say: “A missed call is a missed opportunity”? Well, let’s just say that I’m really glad that Greg Norton is the kind of a guy who answers his phone. Had he not, I wouldn’t be writing about the iconically mustachioed musician. Most of you will be quite familiar with Norton who was the bassist for the influential punk rock trio out of Minneapolis–Hüsker Dü, but maybe less familiar with the band that he has just joined. Continue reading

Interview – Porcupine – From LaCrosse To Beyond


Porcupine has been slowly inserting itself, into the local Twin Cities music scene. If you didn’t ask, you wouldn’t know that two of them Dave Reinders (Bass) and Casey Virock (Guitar and Vocals) live and work in LaCrosse, WI., While Ian Prince (Drums) lives in Northeast Minneapolis.

That means over 3 hours of commuting for practice and for playing shows. The band has also been keeping busy, releasing new albums both on CD and Vinyl.

Slightly reminiscent of those hook-laden rev 105 indie rock songs, Porcupine’s quick and quirky stop and start riffs and a rhythm section that holds it all together is putting together a sound that is all their own.

Their new album Carrier Wave was released just a few weeks ago, and the band traveled to Chicago to record at Electrical Audio Studios to record with the legendary  Steve Albini.

I had a chance to ask Casey Virock about the experience, and what the future holds for Porcupine. Continue reading

Video – Porcupine – In the Studio with Steve Albini

Porcupine is back with a new 6 song CD entitled Carrier Wave. The new songs, were mixed and engineered by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago. Always a steady, tight and really good indie rock band. Porcupine has pushed itself up into another level. Catch them live over the next few days as they play release shows in Duluth and Minneapolis. Then hit Winona, LaCrosse and Eau Claire next week. Order their new CD, it’s worth it. I assure you.

Buy the album here – http://www.shopriothouserecords.com/product/porcupine-carrier-wave-cd

Minneapolis CD Release Show – http://riftmagazine.com/event/porcupine-carrier-wave-release-show-w-valet-and-mike-gunther/


Square Lake Film and Music Festival – Interview with Founder Paul Creager


A year before Rift Magazine put out it’s first issue, Paul Creager started the Square Lake Film and Music Festival. Now in its 13th year, it’s bigger and better then ever. Creager answered some questions for Rift about this years festival, and the future. Continue reading