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Jessica Manning Album Release + Jennie Lawless

Jessica Manning is an electro-R&B artist based in the Twin Cities. Growing up in Stockholm, Sweden, with a soul-singing father, Jessica grew to love music and performing through her father’s passion for being on stage. She draws influence from pop, soul, and electronic music by artist such as Frank Ocean, James Blake, and Kevin Garrett. Her sound incorporates electronic drums and synthesizers to create an atmosphere that her soulful melodies, rich vocals, and thoughtful lyrics soar high above.

With special guest Jennie Lawless. Icehouse MPLS. Saturday, February 11, 2017. Doors 10:30pm, music 11:00pm. $8 advance, $10 door. 21+.

Suzie Record Release For “Chardonnay” + Lovelines

Suzie is a visual and aesthetic exploration into the depths of human feeling. Rooted in nostalgia, memories, coming of age and sadness while juxtaposed against a hopeful and poppy musical backdrop, Suzie creates a mood that brings you to the middle of emotions, a familiar yet undefinable place. With special guest Lovelines. Icehouse MPLS. Saturday, February 4, 2017. 10:30pm doors/11pm showtime. $8 in advance/$10 at the door. 21+.

The Nicollettes ‘Visitor’ Album Release with Gabriel Douglas

The Nicollettes are a Minnepolis based indie rock band comprised of Max Collins and Justin Sharbono. Max and Justin met on tour with their respective rock bands (EVE 6 and Soul Asylum). In the fall of 2014, they enlisted Minneapolis darlings Ian Allison, Grady Kenevan, Jeremy Messersmith, Kara Laudon and friend Sean Watkins to lend their bombastic musicality to this project, and ‘Visitor’ was created. With special guest Gabriel Douglas. Icehouse MPLS. Friday, February, 3. 10:30pm doors/11pm showtime. $8 in advance/$10 at the door. 21+.


Matty Harris Double Septet Record Release

MH2x7tet is an exhilarating and contemporary perspective on large ensemble composition and improvisation. Featuring complex compositions, challenging arrangements and virtuosic improvisation, the Matty Harris Double Septet provides a bombastic roller coaster of collective expression. Hosted by JT’s Jazz Implosion. Monday, January 30, 2017, 9:30pm showtime. $10 door. 21+.

Review – Mother Banjo & Ben Cook-Feltz – Christmas Came Early EP

By Brandon Henry Photo Credit Jessica Hackner

Mother Banjo and Ben Cook-Feltz’s EP Christmas Came Early is a soul-healing collection of songs that put you in the spirit of the season. Outshining bigger-budget affairs, the EP strays from the standards and dives deep into the holiday cannon with four songs that span a wide array of Continue reading

Review – Fairfax, AK – Wasted Youth

fairfax ak

By Brandon Henry  Photo Credit Jason Larkin

Wasted Youth is the first album in four years from the Minneapolis – based Fairfax, AK and the wait is well worth it. With its orchestral rock arrangements, finely crafted lyrics and an edge of punk angst, they demonstrate a maturity in their songwriting that is a testament to coming of age, again. This is a cohesive collection of songs that brilliantly trace the jagged arc of growing up, moving on and lamenting what is left behind. Continue reading

Interview – Aby Wolf – Call the Rocks


By Rebecca Marx, Photo Credit Zoe Prinds-Flash

“Being a member of a touring band requires you to pack up your regular daily freedoms and fold into the crew, and it’s really jarring to come back home and have the rest of your life waiting for you. “Alone” is about naming the ever – present fears I saw in myself as soon as the ground stopped speeding by outside the windows. It also acknowledges the insidious escapism that social media and information overload presents in our society. I don’t want to spend my days living out someone else’s design or being too afraid to let my real spirit be seen.” ∼Aby Wolf on her new solo EP Call the Rocks.

Continue reading

Interview – Wingman finds balance and success with debut LP Honcho, in an “unbelievably collaborative” musical partnership


By Kelsey Simpkins

For a band comprised of two guys with a highly compatible musical and personal chemistry, one could think the name Wingman was chosen with great purpose. Continue reading

Article – Despite the Disguise, There’s Nothing to Hide: Holidae on Why “It Works”

By Kelsey Simpkins

You may not know exactly who they are, or what they actually look like, but by now you might recognize the costumes of Ashley Gold and Garrett Neal, who comprise the Minneapolis-based synth-pop duo Holidae. Coming off the recent high of winning the Star Tribune’s 2016 Are You Local? Contest in February and the coinciding trip to SXSW in March, Holidae now turns their attention toward their album release for full-length debut Tantrum, this weekend at Icehouse. Continue reading